All Around ConsultingAt All Around Consulting, we work with small to medium sized companies to improve their in-house training systems, which saves money by improving engagement, increasing productivity, and reducing time needed to train new hires. 

If you are looking for assistance in creating a new in-house training program, or want to enhance your existing capabilities, we can help you with that. 

At All Around Consulting, we are committed to delivering outcomes that will enhance the way your company provides training, allowing you to accomplish your training objectives and deliver lasting results more effectively and efficiently. 

By hiring All Around Consulting to assist your company with training design, you will receive the following results: 

-Your people will be better able to design training that meets your organization’s objectives, through more efficient training design and delivery methods. 

-Your training will be more defensible, reducing your liability, and have feedback loops built in to consistently improve the content. 

-Your instructors will gain confidence in their instructional abilities through Train the Trainer education and skill building. 

-You will be provided with custom training systems and procedures to implement at your organization to leave lasting impact. 

-You will be provided with bulletproof onboarding programs for new hires, and establish accountability processes to meet your high standards. 

Contact if you feel this is something your organization might benefit from. Ed will speak with you to determine if your company is a fit for our services, and if we are able to assist your company in training design.

All Around Consulting will save your company time and money by making your training systems more efficient, reducing the amount of time needed to design and deliver training objectives. In addition, you will benefit from more engagement from your employees, and increased performance and productivity. You have nothing to lose by contacting us, and time and cost savings to gain!