Leadership Consulting

All Around Consulting has a unique approach to leadership training, garnered through significant frontline experience in the Military and Law Enforcement. Our training and consulting programs are designed to provide your employees and frontline managers with tangible skills which they can immediately apply to their work environment. 

We believe that to create authentic leaders, foster winning teams, and grow a resilient culture, leaders must demonstrate empathy, courage, and self-sacrifice. All Around Consulting is an outcome oriented company, focused on the results of our engagements. Our mission success is when you are fully satisfied with the results.

Training Consulting

At All Around Consulting, we work with small to medium sized companies to improve their in-house training systems, which saves money by improving engagement, increasing productivity, and reducing time needed to train new hires. 

If you are looking for assistance in creating a new in-house training program, or want to enhance your existing capabilities, we can help you with that.

At All Around Consulting, we are committed to delivering outcomes that will enhance the way your company provides training, allowing you to accomplish your training objectives and deliver lasting results more effectively and efficiently.  

Keynote Presentation

All Around Consulting is proud to provide Keynote Speaking as a service. All of our team members have unique sets of challenging life experiences that have shaped who we are today. We are able to use these experiences to craft powerful Keynote presentations to truly move an audience through inspiration and empowerment. All Around can customize our Keynotes to highlight specific themes or messages you want highlighted for your event.


When coaching leaders to be the best leader they can be, we go back to the basics. Complexity and ambiguity is resolved with strong discipline on doing the basics right. We won’t just work with you until you get something right, we work with you until you can’t get it wrong. 

The basics of leadership are commitment, discipline, and the deep understanding that you are leading humans.  Leadership is a choice and our first goal is to ensure that you have committed to that choice and have the discipline to wake up everyday and make a positive contribution to that choice. 

Field Training Exercises

Our Field Training Exercises are custom designed to provide your team with challenges that will train them to make decisions in resource constraint and sensitive environments. Decisions that are inline with company values, procedures and objectives. 

Our exercises are founded on the principles of hardship and compassion, and will challenge your team both mentally and physically as they overcome a variety of difficult challenges. We have years of experience designing and facilitating training scenarios and exercises.  We are committed to making this a possibility.