Justin is a lifelong student of leadership who is fascinated with the notion of what makes people respond and react to other human ideas, suggestions, and commands. He is the director of All Around Consulting – providing leadership and team development guidance to businesses and emerging leaders.

After graduating from MacEwan University with a B.A in Political Science, Justin worked as a Public Affairs Officer writing communication strategies and speeches for the Government of Alberta. He always had the urge to serve abroad as a Canadian Forces Soldier.  In 2012, after a grueling ten-month course, Justin joined the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) as a Special Forces Operator. He deployed to multiple regions including North Africa, the Middle East and Caribbean.

Justin was awarded the Bravery Medal by the Governor General for his actions during an international operation. He was also awarded a Commanders and two Task Force Commanders Citations for his team work and leadership during his operations. Most recently, Justin was recognized by MacEwan University as a Distinguished Alumni.

He currently develops and facilitates Leadership course at MacEwan University and NAIT in Edmonton, Alberta. As a Leadership Consultant Justin works with high reliability organizations and frontline leaders to enhance the human connection by emphasizing the importance of empathy, courage and self-sacrifice when leading others. Leaders solve problems – Justin’s approach is to simply empower and encourage leaders and organizations to inspire people to solve problems by creating a culture of accountability and ownership.

Justin believes that through hardship the strongest of bonds are realized and the greatest of leaders shine. For this reason, Justin works hard to provide experiential leadership opportunities to the people and organizations he coaches and mentors. 


Lyn Dundee can’t remember a time when she wasn’t insatiably curious about human potential and the art of fulfillment. She blends personal development with professional growth strategies to teach others how to successfully navigate our 21st Century work world with clarity, increased well-being, and courage through change. Fully acknowledging that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to success is no longer relevant, her work and counsel are grounded in science-backed approaches ready to be tailored to strategy, then tactics, and finally, execution. A philosophy that strongly complements All Around Consulting’s methods and approach.

Lyn is an interdisciplinary, lifelong learner and teacher. She is certified in change management (Prosci, 2017), completed her Executive Coaching accreditation (2012), and is qualified to deliver various psychometric assessments. She holds a B.A. in English (Hon.), an M.A. in Social and Political Thought, and has most recently captured an M.Sc. in Industrial Organizational Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) where she focused on Millennials, Corporate Culture, and the Future of Work. Her experience as a post-secondary instructor, corporate workshop facilitator, and consultant has provided rich context to her addiction to research. She has created several signature workshops and courses, easily tailored to various functional teams and industries, to facilitate a transition from 20th Century management practices to 21st Century collaborative leadership.

Lyn draws from decades of psychology, neuroscience, and management research to provide step-by-step processes to guide All Around Consulting clients in mapping who they truly are, blast mental barriers to craft a greater sense of well-being, and to feel like they are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. She uses heavily-researched, evidence and results-based material to offer actionable strategies to build clarity, courage, and resilience to, in the very least, stay steady through change while having an awful lot of fun along the way!



Brandy is passionate about leading and guiding others in the beautiful outdoors. She has a thirst for life and a true passion for taking others into unknown environments to establish knowledge, respect and a sense of confidence in the natural elements. She is a Geomatics Technician with the Canadian Armed Forces and a leadership guide with All Around Consulting. In her spare time, she takes veterans and their families on guided hikes in the Rockies where they therapeutically connect with nature. 

After graduating from Thompson Rivers University with a B.A in Geography, Brandy joined the Canadian Armed Forces where she specialized in Geomatics with a diploma from Algonquin College. Brandy worked with Canada’s elite forces and deployed with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment providing integral intelligence support on international operations. Brandy received two commendations for her outstanding leadership and dedication to her team and mission.  

As a leader of mostly men, she has used empathy, courage and self-sacrifice to build strong teams that respect her based on her leadership philosophy and focus on the human connection. Brandy has built a strong reputation as a women leader and speaks to inspire other women to take on leadership roles by being authentic and unique in the way they lead.

Brandy believes that one cannot grow inward without experience outward in unknown environments. Her enthusiasm for teaching and the outdoors allows All Around Consulting to create a challenging outdoors program for leaders to be tested and challenged in their leadership style. Brandy embodies the All Around philosophy of creating lasting bonds through hardship where the greatest of leaders shine.


Brian is the definition of resiliency and optimism. He is devoted to communicating the message of never surrendering to a negative outcome and inspiring others to make the best out of uncontrollable situations. He by no means is your average looking coach. Fully tattooed and bearded, you quickly come to judge him on his appearance. But his unique method of delivery and coaching sets the foundation for his client’s personal growth and success.

Brian completed his National Fire Fighter Protection Training and Emergency Medical Response Training as he was aspiring to become a Fire Fighter. That dream was shattered after he experienced a traumatic spinal cord injury in 2015. Brian has shifted focus to helping and coaching others, he is an Educational Assistant and is continuing his education with a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Human Services.  He is devoted to supporting kids in building strong minds and be proactive in facing challenges and uncontrollable outcomes.

His athletic performance is a testament to his philosophy and mindset on resiliency and making the best out of a negative situation. He is the 2017 and 2018 Canadian National Champion in Men’s Seated Throws competition of Shotput, Javelin and Discus.  Brian was also awarded Alberta athlete of the year in 2018.

His personal life experience and triumphant story of rehabilitation and hard work inspire many.  As a professional Life Coach and mentor, Brian supports All-Around Consulting in building strong individuals and gives a different perspective to leaders on the importance of understanding and supporting the unique needs of their employees.  His perspective and positive attitude are truly uplifting and inspiring.