All Around ConsultingAll Around Consulting is proud to provide Leadership Consulting services for a diverse group of companies, where tactical or front-line decisions could potentially have strategic implications for the company, its stakeholders and reputation.  

While the term “leadership” has many definitions, at All Around Consulting, we believe it consists of a wide array of principles and attributes. These principles, or attributes, can be trained, which creates more effective leaders, more efficient followers, and increases wellness through employee engagement. 

All Around Consulting has a unique approach to leadership training, garnered through significant frontline experience in the Military and Law Enforcement. Our training and consulting programs are designed to provide your employees and frontline managers with tangible skills which they can immediately apply to their work environment. 

We believe that to create authentic leaders, foster winning teams, and grow a resilient culture, leaders must demonstrate empathy, courage, and self-sacrifice. All Around Consulting is an outcome oriented company, focused on the results of our engagements. Our mission success is when you are fully satisfied with the results.

If you engage with All Around Consulting for Leadership Consulting, your organization will receive the following benefits: 

-Increased employee engagement and performance through implementing procedures and standards.

-Enhanced accountability measures for your frontline employees and supervisors. 

-Utilize defensible Mission Planning skills. 

-Introduction of High Performing team skill sets, including ability to conduct After Action Reports and Debriefs. 

-Improved channels of communication by removing common barriers and establishing procedures.

-Improved confidence in your supervisors’ ability to problem solve and make risk effective decisions.

-Increased trust between frontline employees and management.

-Understand the qualities and characteristics of a strong follower and showcase that strength as the success or the backbone of an organization. 

We are committed to empowering the leaders of your organization; whether they are frontline employees or managers. We accomplish this through our unique ability to provide skill based training founded on leadership skills and methods which were forged in some of the most punishing work environments on earth. 

Whether your organization is struggling with poor leadership and performance, or you simply want to increase productivity and engagement, All Around Consulting will have options for you. Contact Justin today to determine if we are a fit for your company.