All Around ConsultingOur Field Training Exercises are custom designed to provide your team with challenges that will train them to make decisions in resource constraint and sensitive environments. Decisions that are inline with company values, procedures and objectives. 

Our exercises are founded on the principles of hardship and compassion, and will challenge your team both mentally and physically as they overcome a variety of difficult challenges. We have years of experience designing and facilitating training scenarios and exercises.  We are committed to making this a 

All Around Consulting will design and implement scenarios that relate to specific leadership principles, such as:

-Leading Self


-Psychological Safety

-Leading by Intent



-Mission Planning

-After Action Reports (Debriefs)

Your team will be guided through a variety of scenarios and challenges that will allow them to develop practical experience with the above principles, which they will then be able to apply to their area of responsibility at your business. 

Our number one priority is your team’s safety. We will ensure that this memorable experience has maximum impact and relevance to your operations.