All Around ConsultingBecome inspired with our outside the box Life Coaching and mentorship program.  Our resiliency and attitude towards adversity can help you become the person you desire to be!  Our direct approach to your problems and personal experience are uplifting enough to get anyone started!

All Around Consulting’s Personal Coaching program will help you determine the most important priorities in your life, and develop those priorities into specific goals.  These goals are then attained through intricate action planning, involving step by step instructions detailing the actions needed to be completed.  

It is important to understand that these goals are not the end game, but merely checkpoints to be completed along your journey to greatness.  This is the foundation in which our scaffolding style achievements will deliver you to your optimal potential.  

Once you have adopted our warrior mindset mentality, and truly adopt our no excuses lifestyle, you will be ready to conquer the obstacles in your life.  

Professional and Leadership Coaching 

When coaching leaders to be the best leader they can be, we go back to the basics. Complexity and ambiguity is resolved with strong discipline on doing the basics right. We won’t just work with you until you get something right, we work with you until you can’t get it wrong. 

The basics of leadership are commitment, discipline, and the deep understanding that you are leading humans.  Leadership is a choice and our first goal is to ensure that you have committed to that choice and have the discipline to wake up everyday and make a positive contribution to that choice. 

You are leading humans and humans are unique, complex and dynamic. To us, this means there is no cookie cutter approach to leading others. For this reason, we work hard to ensure you are using your uniqueness, experience, diversity, faults and strengths to lead the people you are serving. 

By focusing on the basics we build you up to take on complex leadership issues while maintaining self-awareness and health.