Watch Justin explain the three core facets of All Around Consulting.


All Around Consulting is derived from the concept of All Around Defence, which is a formation used by the Canadian Forces where a perimeter is created to provide 360 degrees of protection. This is the pivotal formation that defines teamwork, trust, and courage. The courage to have trust in others to protect you and at the same time have the courage to protect and defend your teammates. This, to us, is not just a circle. It is our philosophy and how we come to build teams, make leaders, and achieve excellence.


All Around Consulting has one specific goal: to influence human behaviour to achieve excellence. Excellence, we believe, is a habit and what we provide are the skills and attributes to achieve it, maintain it, and repeat it. We don’t stop there, as excellence means nothing if there is no action. After you excel, we teach you to win. Winning trumps all else, but it requires discipline and habit, two elements we have mastered and want to pass on to you.


In our process of building teams and making leaders, we prioritize the human connection to all else that is done. In our philosophy, the mission does not come before the men (or women, as the case may be). People always come first. We too often hear about CEO’s, Commanders, and other leaders who brag about their ability to achieve tasks and discuss tactics on mission success. But at what cost do we achieve these missions and tasks? Was it at the cost of your follower’s mental health, integrity, or lifestyle? We measure leader’s success from how many people remained healthy and moved on to achieve the next task with the team.